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Mission and Values


Our mission

Caritas Slovakia, as a non-profit NGO, provides charitable, social, healthcare and educational services to people in need, without regard to their race, nationality, religion or political orientation.


Our vision

Although we know it is not possible to completely eliminate poverty in Slovakia and around the world, we still aim to fight against it to the greatest extent possible.

The vision of Caritas Slovakia is, to the extent that we can and through the professional help we offer people in need and thanks to the support of our donors, to decrease the number of people in Slovakia and abroad who find themselves in any kind of need, be it material, social or both at the same time.

We also try to realize our vision through educating and informing the public, so that they do not exclude people in need, influence lawmakers, and cooperate with foreign charities so that our work will be as effective as possible.


What does “charity” mean?

The word “charity” comes from the latin word caritas and means “empathic love”, a love that understands the person in need a helps them without thought of reward.


Caritas' goals are:

  • To offer effective help to every person in need
  • To free people from dependency on outside aid and help them return to a life of dignity
  • To be witnesses of love in the spirit of the Gospel to every person in need
  • To encourage society to be sensitive to the needs of the people around them
  • To teach, because often times those who receive help themselves learn how to help others
  • To offer help wherever we find holes in the state's “social net”
  • To influence the lawmaking process in support of the needy
  • Together with other NGOs, to be a guarantee of democracy in our country
  • Through our work, to be an expression of the life of the Church and contribute to the spiritual renewal of society
  • To inject a spirit of acceptance and honest love into the daily rush of modern life
  • To be close to all


Our values

Our values come from the Christian tradition and the almost-one-hundred-year history of Caritas Slovakia. In line with these values, we strive to ensure the highest possible quality of care for people in need, guarantee the rational and efficient use of the financial resources that we receive and at the same time express our gratitude to all those who support us in our work.

These values are only a few short words when written, but together have an enormous effect when lived:

  • To have an authentic interest in every person in need
  • To take an holistic approach to caring for people in need
  • To be approachable and personable
  • To have empathy for others
  • To be sober in thought and deed
  • To be transparent in the use of our financial resources
  • To ensure that our efforts are effective


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